The Beaverhead River is legendary, and it's our home river.

The Beav is an addicting river that not only produces thriving trout populations but also holds the potential for catching the fish of a lifetime. With plenty of above-average trout, hooking a fish is often only half the battle; landing a fish can be the true challenge.


As a tailwater, the Beaverhead's clear, cold flows offer anglers consistently great fishing even when spring runoff is at its peak and most rivers are un-fishable.

The upper stretch of the Beaverhead from the dam at Clark Canyon Reservoir to Pipe Organ is closed to fishing from early spring until the third Saturday in May to protect this outstanding fishery, but the lower river below Pipe Organ is open all year.

Tight Channels

Due to its fast current and tight channels, the Beaverhead is best fished from a boat with one of our experienced rowers. Within a stone's throw (literally!) of our headquarters, this won't be a problem. We pride ourselves on fishing the Beav well and taking clients to stretches of the river few outfitters go.

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